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 Mongolian Kinky Curl Tip Wig Cap


We ladies take so much pride in the health and length of our natural hair, but the maintenance of natural hair is something that is very time-consuming.


While you're at university or work, looking fab or playing the role of wife, mum and the likes, time may not be something that you have a lot of so we have a few tips for you over the autumn and winter seasons.


I try to avoid having my natural hair out as I've realised that it is very time-consuming to continually style, and hair extensions have always been my go-to hairstyle. At Victoria Cole Hair we have a range of different hair extensions (Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Cambodian, Malaysian) and styles (body wave, straight, bouncy, kinky curls, curl tip) for everyone and every occasion, in lengths ranging "8" - 32". We also offer Lace Closures, Lace Frontals, with options of Ombre. For girls at Univesity and college, you can always tell when it is exam season. The majority of girls have braids in their hair as it is such a low-maintenance hairstyle.  Hair extensions allow you to enjoy the benefits of braided hair with a little more swag!



Wigs are becoming very popular for hair protection, damaged hair repair and alopecia, and easy maintenance. There also a great way to recycle your previous hair extensions. A student to recently graduated from university said.
"When I finished uni I experienced the joy and ease of wearing wigs, and if I was going back to uni I'd add wigs to my list of go-to hairstyles. The thing I love about wigs is that you can easily access your natural hair whenever you need to moisturise/wash it."

Victoria Cole Wig Service

Wigs from Victoria Cole Hair are very easy to maintain, firm and well put together, you don't have to fear that the wefts will fall out or be displaced. All it requires of you is to wash, condition and wear it. Furthermore, with the development of closures and lace-frontals some wigs can look better and hold a certain style better than your own hair. The closures and hair frontal give an illusion of a natural hairline. So if you get tired of having your hair down, or are partaking in an activity where your hair needs to be out of your face, you can change the style and tie your hair back in a ponytail.


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