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Arise & Shine by Victoria Cole Victoria Cole’s debut album, Arise & Shine. Now available to purchase and listen to on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, CD Baby and Amazon Music.

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The world is filled with very little support and negativity; we actually live and breathe it. However, we can make a difference by truly loving ourselves first and then we can overflow with gladness towards others. Until we over flow with joy and gladness ourselves, we can’t share it with anyone else.
This book will teach you how to actually love yourself again and remind you of your purpose on earth. You will be encouraged to pick those dreams up again. This book will help anyone young or old; it’s never too late to
Fall in Love With Yourself.
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As we depend on the breath of air to stay alive, we depend on God to keep us sane in this ever changing world. Praising God is therefore what we were created for; it is our way of showing appreciation for the Love bestowed on us by God. This book will teach you to praise God with or without a voice and show you how to master the art of 
Perpetual Praise From A Grateful Heart.
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