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Celebrities and wigs

Have you ever wondered how celebrities from the likes of Kelly Rowland, Katie Perry, Rhianna, Beyonce, Kerry Washington and so many others change their hair so frequently and make their units look so natural? Or even wondered how your friends have kept their “supposed weaves” laid for weeks on end?…Well I’ve got good news for you, the answer to all those questions are that most of them are sporting a WIG.

The trend of wearing a wig is not a new phenomenon, as I'm sure you can recall a female relative or friend from the older generation who wore a wig when they were too busy with their lives to go and get their hair done. Recently, however, wigs have grown in popularity and are becoming a big trend in the hair care industry and there are several reasons for this:

1. Protective style

Wearing a wig allows you to protect your hair from the elements, especially in the cold months when your hair is at its weakest. It allows you to sport a fashionable style whilst keeping your hair maintained and moisturised underneath.

2. Hair damage, alopecia and Hair Repair

Wearing a wig allows your hair to recover and repair from any damages that may have resulted from tights braids and extensions, or excessive use of chemicals. Additionally, many women suffer from different types of hair loss due to genetics, wearing a wig allows them to conceal this hair loss and restore their confidence.

3. Easy to Maintain

Wigs are very easy to maintain, as they are firm and well put together, you don't have to fear that the wefts will fall out or be displaced. All it requires of you is to wash it, conditioner it and wear it.

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Furthermore, with the development of closures and lace-frontals some wigs can look better and hold a certain style better than your own hair. The closures and hair frontal give an illusion of a natural hairline. So if you get tired of having your hair down, or are partaking in an activity where your hair needs to be out of your face, you can change the style and tie your hair back in a ponytail.

In Summary

With all this being said, it is important to note that the stability of your wig is crucial to pulling off the style you want. Whether your wig is home made or store bought, make sure it is secure.This can be done by stitching your wig on to your hair, allowing you to keep it on for weeks on end. Or for those who like the appeal of removing a wig at night, make sure you use a band or adjustable straps, as you wouldn't want your wig to fly off in high winds or worse, leave the station with the high speed train that just came by. Lastly, make sure your wig is comfortable and you are confident in your appearance when wearing it, as if you don't believe you can rock your wig no one else will.
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